Kristen (thezerosystem) wrote in yurisrvngefans,

Hail to the great Yuri

Well, as an newly converted addict of Yuri's Revenge, I thought I'd join your community. I play it way too much. My roommate and I play on the lan and it is pretty cool, though we have noticed some nasty lag and slowdown on some of the maps. I'm no expert at it (like I said, newly converted). I usually play the Americans, I like paratroopers. :) I really suck at fighting Yuri, though...he always magages to steal my prism tanks and then all hell breaks loose. But it is fun, and I'm getting pretty good...I think I will start using another side, though, Americans are getting dull for me...maybe I'll try my hand at Yuri, eh? Well, that's all I can think of to say...

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